Well, I'm through fiddling with the sites. Hopefully this design will last a while. I still have a few blogspot pages to fill in with type and stuff, but I think I'm mostly done with it. It went amazingly smooth. Using a fake blog to get all the coding right worked better than I imagined it would. Though, I'm sure something's wrong, somewhere and I'll catch it later. Also, I realized tonight that if I'm not going to renew a hosting service, I'm going to have to upload all the images to a free image hosting service. Not a big deal, but I'll have to burn a couple hours tracking down images and arduously hunting down and rewriting html links.

I drew the drawing on the side smaller than it should've been. I didn't want a normal sized drawing shrunk down so that any detail and line quality was lost. I kinda' actually enlarged a tiny bit, I think. So, with those parameters, I'm saying it's a win.

Here's the actual drawing by the drawing on the blog (and the process because I still had all of them)-

If the drawing wasn't so small, I would've fiddled with the tones more, but because the resolution had to be so small it wouldn't have been worth it. I can't tone something that small, I have to tone it larger, then shrink the tones- and in the process the tones get muddled and sort of hazy, especially tones on tones.

If anyone sees something that seems off, lemme know. I'm curious about different browsers because I only have two.