Redesign, again.

Yesterday, I spiraled into manic design frenzy. I accidentally spent a few hours tinkering with a new blogger layout. I'm pretty sure that I'm not going to renew my hosting service, just the domain name. The hosting service wasn't all that great. And I'm tired of that e-mail address anyway. I think only a few people got the joke. The only thing that sucks is that I'm gonna lose the address that everyone has. But, I guess I don't really care; no one ever seemed to remember it was anyway. And, although I could have up to fifteen different e-mail accounts, the inboxes couldn't be larger than 25mb- that's right, 25mb was my e-mail limit. My new address is VanderHugeStudios(at)Gmail(dot)com.

And it's waaaay cheaper to just use blogger. I've been interested in the page function for a while and have been wanting to try to make an entire site with just blogger.

Instead of fudging this blog and making it erroneous for a time, I made a new blog and restricted it. Boy, it took a while to get a name that wasn't taken. I eventually settled on a cryptic VH-13. It seems a shame to not use it for something. I may when I'm finished with the redesign.

I kind of accidentally took too much of today fiddling with layouts and designs. The above picture is a place holder for an illustration I haven't drawn yet. (It will probably look something like that)

Part of the redesign was spurred by not being able to really tell what I do. I'm not too big on having a gallery, but I'm gonna need to buckle down and really make one. Even if it's just ten or fifteen drawings. And I'd like to have something that looks a little more professional less nonsensical than what I had.

I'm trying to make it a little more accessible understandable than the last few. I think I'm getting something I like. And something that won't wear off and I'll want to change it in a few months. I'm trying to straddle the line between something that functions, looks unique, and serves it's purpose.

More on this later? Who knows.