Hindsight = lol, thanks paypal.

I remember in college, it would be interesting to retrace the design steps that something'd gone through to get the way it was. Probably because design meant throwing as much as you felt like at it and whatever stuck, stuck.

I did that today with the current layout-

We needed a button to sell the comic. I found the most generic Paypal button, used it as a base and added text and an image to it. I thought it looked okay, so I made one for the other book I had.

Then I started loosely putting things together. For temporary placeholders, I took the generic Paypal button, made it black, and tried to put them where I wanted. My thinking was that I'd make real buttons whenever I got to it.

I think they just had white numbers because I wasn't sure what I wanted yet. You can kinda see them here, in that picture.

When I finished with the drawing and coding, the black generic placeholders had grown on me. I even liked the generic numbers, so I kind of kept those too and added text.

Backtracking, I kind of have that generic Paypal button to thank.

Also, blogger's funny about that third column on the left there. It might just by the way I coded it, but blogger acts like a video game with a glitch when I mess with the layout. Sort of like the missingno. glitch in Pokemon. Man, that was a good glitch. They don't make 'em like that anymore.