Hold on to your butts.

I feel like this every time I'm about to test something that I just spent the last X  hours coding.

I spent a day or two last week reworking my site. I didn't really hit any snags, so I think it only took me around a day and a half to finish. I never got around to making a gallery. Mostly because it's just not interesting to me so it was really low on my list of priorities.

Immediately after finishing, I started to feel guilty because Staci's been wanting a redesign too, but with emphasis on a gallery and it not looking like a blog. So, Monday, I started trying to find some sort of simple gallery that would work with blogger.

And I immediately failed miserably. I eventually settled on one of those semi-pre-coded JavaScript free-licensed thumbnail viewer things. It was more complicated than I'd wanted, but I could't find anything else. After spending a few days familiarizing myself with it, I got it to work the way I wanted (more or less, maybe less), but since Staci hasn't decided on the pictures she wants yet, I tried it on my gallery today. I'm sure there's a way to get it to work with blogger, but I wasted too much time trying to get it to.

So- that's why I have a gallery. It's hard trying to nail what you want in it. I kept tossing stuff out because it was too old or dumb or something, or, because I couldn't find anything because my files are so discombobulated and out of order.

Also, that's why the galleries are going to look similar- mine was the guinea pig to hers.