Fictional character once removed.

This is a poster I made. It's a fictional character to the character. This was harder than I give it credit for.

One thing I hadn't thought until I pretty much sat down to draw it, was that I couldn't draw a cartoon in the comic the same way I drew the "real" characters. I wanted bigger, (even more) clumsier lines. I drew this and inked it the same way I do everything else. Then I took a brush and tracing paper and made a worse drawing of it. It's still a little more realistic than I'd draw if I drew it again, but I think it'll work. 

This poster's going to be on the wall a lot, so I'm just going to print it on the page, then just trace it when I ink the page. It's pretty common for people that have to draw a 2d drawing in 3d space to just leave the space blank and warp the image there later with photoshop. I think it's just an eye sore on the page, so I'm tracing it on all the pages. Also, hopefully, that will make it look "faker" against everything else that's supposed to be real. 

I also dumbed down the symbol for the character. Originally, I'd looked at "real" magic stuff and mishmashed it all.

Looks alright I guess. But that was gonna be a pain to draw on a t-shirt who knows how many times. Also, "real" magic stuff looks kinda boring, I think. Almost every culture's magic symbols look like celtic runes or just very bland shapes. Real looking magic stuff looks kinda fake. I thought all the sigils, the name symbols and that stuff were way more interesting to look at. After looking at a crap load of sigils and name symbols, I kept making them up until I got one I like.
I think it's way more interesting to look at, and, I think it looks more real magicy. And, it's way easier to draw. It's weird, because this is something that's gone through such a process that I don't recognize it and it doesn't even look like I made it, it looks like i scanned it from an old book or something. Which was the point, I guess, so it's a success. To me, at least.