Bad Scanner

I scanned this page today to preview it at print size.

It's huge because I pay for Flickr, so by gum, I'm gonna use it.

I noticed scanning errors. I've noticed them before though. Even went as far as comparing and documenting them for myself.

On the big panel up at the top, you can see them on her collar and hand, and his hat and suspenders, but what caught my attention immediately was here.

These are inarguably straight lines, but they looked crooked or cockeyed.

The whole scanner isn't bad, just sections. I'm tempted to grid a piece of paper and scan it because I'm curious about the extent.

I guess this has been in the back of my head for a while, I'm just acknowledging it now. I'll need to buy a new scanner before I start scanning finished pages. I'm lucky that I draw stacks of pages before I ink them. It gives me a little time to get one and I don't feel as rushed.

I've had that old scanner about seven or eight years, so it's had a pretty good run, but I gotta start looking for a new one.