A while ago, I started one of those Essential Expressions sheets because I thought it would be something interesting to do. It took about a week to draw because I drew it in between other stuff. Before I even started  it, I lost interest in the emotions that were there. I thought too many overlapped. I looked it up, and I was more or less right. I believe that there are about eight basic emotions, everything else is either a degree of one of those, or, combinations of degrees of different ones. I noticed a lot of them weren't really things you feel so much as things you are. So, I ended up dropping some of the things that you are and added other things you are.

A few of them turned out pretty good. Anger, hollow, and bloody were pretty good. I also added facing backwards and dead. Fierce turned out okay, at least okay enough for how big it was drawn. And for blowing through them as fast as I did.

I'd like to try to color them, but I always have trouble coloring things. I know how to, just not very well, I guess.  I'll at least tone some of them probably. I can do those and they look pretty alright.