Crappy Toy & The Tome

I needed a reference for a crappy toy, so I made this.

I needed a toy that looked like all those crappy toys from the 80's and 90's that all had the same body but just had a different paint job (Anybody remember those? They barely moved. Sometimes the legs, torso and head were all one solid piece.) I needed it because whenever I tried to draw an action figure, it kept coming out more like a small person than a malformed, disproportioned, stiff action figure. I tried to find one I already had, but apparently action figure technology has come along way since then, and I couldn't find one that was all one piece and they all had joints and moved and so forth-- they didn't look anything like what I needed.

I got it in a two-pack for a dollar. I was hoping for a wrestler, but they only had ninjas.

Also, I just finished thumbnailing a chapter and almost finished off the sketchbook.

The front page is blank because it's a title page that I haven't drawn yet.

There are only 3 blank pages left, but I'm not sure if I'm going to start the next chapter on those, or, a new sketchbook. Thinking about it though, I'll probably start a new one in case I decide to redraw any more of the pages.

This is the last page in it. It's a redrawn page from the beginning that I thought I could do better. (I did.)