"The accident is almost upon me now."

I'm getting pretty into this now. I mean, I've almost finished this as thumbnails, but it feels kind of abstract to a point. I'm way past page 100 in the thumbnails, but sometimes it feels like I haven't really done anything. It's encouraging to find that a lot of them I can print out and that I can almost trace them; most of the hard parts are already taken care of, and it's smooth sailing... for the most part.

As the page count is getting closer to the 20's (pretty steadily, I might add), I'm pretty sure that I'm going to be printing a couple trashcan editions as I get to the appropriate page counts (because it was written simultaneously to be printed as 1 big volume or 6 issues). To hand out to friends and help keep a lookout for errors and stuff. Also, to a smaller degree, to feel like I'm actually doing something.

Unrelated, I cleaned out a closet over x-mas break, and went through some old comics as I was moving boxes. I found a couple of early Savage Dragon comics and was wondering how hard it would be to buy more. It was a comic I never read much of, but it seemed like a fun series, I just never got around to it. (-Not being the biggest Image fan at the time)

It took me about ten minutes and less than $10, but now I have the mini-series and 1-51, and even almost all of the variant covers. I'm not sure to be happy or sad that I bought the 60 comics for 16 cents apiece.