It looks like I got carried away with the scratches, but I was in a hurry and those are the only scratches I had on the spur. I have a folder somewhere on my computer full of nothing but paper textures and scuffs and folds, but I can't find it. Those are textures I found online quickly. I think Staci has some cheap newsprint somewhere, I need to ask to scan some. This would look better if I had some real newsprint for the texture. Here's the working size version. The texture on the black would look better if it weren't so blurry, but that's all I could find quickly.

There's some stuff I'd change if I were doing it again, but it was practice, so who cares. The halftones could be bigger. Smaller than a certain size, it's pretty much impossible to do recognizable faces. Not horrible for a second attempt at it, but I need to scan my own papers so I can get some high quality textures I can use in the long run.

Also, 80's.