For all this color stuff I made a color chart based on real (old) color sheets. I referenced about ten old color sheets separators used on old printings and came up with the 63 basic colors (64, counting the faux black). They're authentic- because of printing limitations they were pretty much the only colors printed for decades, and it wasn't until the 90's computer coloring boom that color sheets like that became obsolete.

After coloring a few of these, I'm starting to feel the limitations. I still like coloring like this, but there are a lot of similar colors. Half of them look like the same color, then half of the remaining look like the other remaining half. There are probably about 15 actual different colors. There are two browns, neither a very good brown. It's challenging trying to get what you want out of them. Like, if you want a tan color, there isn't one, you have to use the surrounding colors to make a purple look like it's tan.

Because of the way I'm making these, I think I can technically add color separator to my resume. 

I think these are turning out pretty well. I'm trying to be as authentic as I can with these and I think that's helping a lot. I've been thinking a while about color and, recently, realized some things. I think I've figured out why I like some things and why I don't like others. And can specify why.

Maybe a color rant opinion-ing coming soon. I suppose style could fit in it too, whenever I get around to it.