Drawing Table Tuesday

There's nothing on the table right now but a blank sheet with pale blue ink too light to take a picture of, so here's a drawing I scanned yesterday. It's sort of related to my secret project, but very watered down. It's the fifth drawing in the series, but it's sort of the #0 in the set. Doesn't fit quite in, but close enough to slip it in anyway.

I'm not too sure how serious she was, but Staci said she wanted me to put one of these in an upcoming show. An Earth Day show, I think? I don't know, I don't have facebook. But if I had to show one, it would be this one. I might. The deadline's coming up soon, so I might finish it in time, but I might not. I'm gonna try to anyway. Coloring it will take a while because I'm still unfamiliar, and, still trying to get a consistent process. I don't want these to take more of my time than they're worth; they're always secondary, more for practice and warming up for real drawings, especially ink work.

It might turn out crappy, I don't know.

Also, you'd think they were almost landscapes from the parts I've shown. That was also something I took into consideration when I started these. Whenever anyone draws something, like most of my sketchbook drawings, they'll just draw a few lines to imply a background, environment, whatever. Screw that, man. I want these to be good. Like, undeniably good. Everyone can hate 'em, but I want everyone to have to admit, I drew the hell out of 'em.