Drawing Table Tuesday

This is this page. A few things on this page have changed on the final drawing. That archway wasn't drawn there in an earlier page, so I just ended up not drawing it.  I've got a cover to draw, then I start inking. I've got the last third (or quarter, I don't remember off hand) of the book to thumbnail, so I'll probably work on those intermittently between inking this stack of pages. Inking goes fast, though.

This would be the first book if they weren't ultimately being printed as one, big, trade book. I was a little sloppy with the page counts (because I put in what I thought was needed instead of trying to hit page a count), but if they were printed as smaller, normal length comic books, the page counts for the six books are between 18 and 32. That's about normal, I think.

I'm pretty sure I'll have a few dummy copies printed along the way as I hit those page counts. Just to have something to look at, and, I think it'll seem a lot less tedious in the long run. Maybe. I don't know. I'll probably make a cover for all six books, then one for the trade, knowing the six covers will just be extra and added in the back or something. I want the finished book to only have occasional chapter pages when needed. 

The cover's gonna be colored too, so that's just another reason I need to work on coloring. Inking's fast, so if I can get a good week's worth of work, these'll be done. ...then tones. I have no idea about those though. A few days, at least.