It seems like I wrote on here some time ago about collecting old comic samples (high quality scans) for reference. If not, I've been collecting old comic samples for reference. For probably five or six months*, at least, maybe more. And I've been using Tumblr almost exclusively. Tumblr really is one of the more useful sites for images.

Pretty much, as soon as I started using Tumblr for that, I decided to officially use Tumblr for my images. Eventually, probably instead of a gallery page. But I haven't pulled the trigger on it yet. It seems like a waste (mostly of my time) to just upload old stuff. There are a few random drawings I plan to do when I get around to them, but right now, I'm just drawing the comic and a project that, for now, I'm just referencing as a secret. I guess, whenever I have one of those random, unrelated to anything drawings, I'll start using it.

I keep going back and forth about that secret project too. It's a series of drawings, probably 24-ish when I'm finished with them, maybe 26. I've completely finished six and I'm currently working on three or four more. I'm not really sure what they're going to be for. I'm sure I'm going to make prints at least, when they're all finished. And they have to be photoprints. I've already had the first 6 printed and quality is extremely important- they're made at 600PPI. They have to be printed at that. Less than that and they're too blurry and all the fake old style doesn't show. I've ordered from an online photo printing company and had some printed from photo kiosks. The prints from photo kiosks in stores are far too crappy. The ones from the real photo printers are gorgeous. And comparing them, I can't believe how crappy the kiosks are.

But anyway, I keep going back and forth on whether or not to dump upload a couple of those. But, they're a series, so they're all somewhat related, and it would kind of blow what the rest are. So I feel like I should sit on them for a while.

I'm really glad I started them though. These last couple, I've really started to nail the process. I've talked a little about how the secret project started- I was heading in a direction, had an idea or two, then just chipped away until I had something I liked, that stood on it's own, is for something, and is against what I think is stupid crap. I don't think I mentioned before, but I'm not leaning on stuff that isn't mine. Or, should I say, isn't characters, images, or properties owned my major companies and corporations. Fan art is great and all, but, I mean, geez. There's only so many drawings you can look at of characters taken from the latest popular movie. Heath Ledger Joker. Loki. That snow princess movie or whatever it was called. Probably, I don't know, Maleficent now. Whatever bandwagon's there for people to jump on.

I don't know, I guess that's just me. I don't mean what I'm about to say as derogatory as I think it's gonna sound, but I think I just grew up. Artistically, I mean. Again, fan art's good and all. And I mean, that sketchbook I did was nothing but that stuff. And I plan to do some drawings of my favorite childhood characters I used to draw, just to see how I can draw them now. But, I think, at some point, your inspiration has to come from within. Or, internalize the inspiration, digest it, reprocess it, so that what comes out is unique to you.

Or, I don't know, at least hide your sources better.

[Bottom half edited for being unrelated. It went sort of rant-y about all the how to's I see.]

*I looked at my reference folder, and I started collecting them in January. So, officially, just over six months.


Dramatic Screencap of tones I was working on at the time. For a lot of these, I fill in large areas with the fill tool to save time. And sharpies.