Drawing Table Tuesday

I actually took this picture a while ago, before I threw it in the pile of drawn pages. It's significant, only because it was the last page in the book that (...I think.) takes place entirely in a car. That happens a lot, not the car part, but immediately throwing drawn pages onto the inking pile when I'm done with them. So, I'm making more of an effort to snap quick pictures when I feel like it.

(Unintentionally nice transition to...) Which is where this came from. I use tracing paper a lot, or I should say, a lot of tracing paper. I usually scan a lot of pages at a time, so I usually have a stack somewhere, and if they're not flat under something, they tend to curl up. The other day I realized that under the cutting mat on the light box was the perfect place to keep them before they're scanned, but it didn't occur to me until today to switch it on and see what they look like (gobbledygook, mostly). That's 3 or 4 pages' worth of tracing paper (specifically, probably 12 or so sheets.)

I plan on making more of an official update when I finish these next couple pages and the faux cover. Probably about scheduling and process. What I'm thinking thus far, mostly.