Drawing Table Tuesday

This is the first spread (two pages, one image) in the book. I was unsure which way to do this one, or really, any of them. There are five or six really different ways to approach spreads.

This one's one page. The second (that's already finished sans inking) one's two pages butted together. And that's probably how the rest in the book are gonna be. I originally planned a safer approach by putting a gutter going up the middle, but decided against it when I got around to drawing it.

Print-wise, this is a little iffy. The printing's gonna have to be pretty good, because if not, the pages won't match up at all. But, I've accepted that pretty much any printer I'm going to be able to afford, won't be able to print well enough to match. (stuff like that adds character, anyway)

Also, I was unsure of those pages above until it was finished and scanned with all the black. It's about as close as I can get to what I was going for without color. There isn't much in the book that would be better in color; this spread and all the blood through the entire book. It's not worth paying for spot color, and it might end up being distracting anyway.