Subtle Artifacts

I'm pretty steadfast when it comes to type in print digital effects in print. What I mean is, absolutely perfect, computer generated lines in print, especially large text, word balloons- text and balloon, and border lines. They bug me when I see them, especially when the contrast against the art is too much. I'd rather see a genuine, imperfect line instead of an artificially perfect line. (Eventually, I'll get around to my manifesto where I explain why I've chosen freehand straight lines instead of using rulers. It's similar to why I can't stand vector "art"- vector art is like gradients, the only good way to use them is if you can't tell you've used them. Otherwise, you look kind of like a middle schooler who's using a computer to make art for the first time.)

It's funny though, because, of course, that's an opinion that was formed from doing a lot of that stuff, vaguely not liking it, and eventually pinpointing the reasons of not liking it. So everything all my drawings up to a certain point in time are examples of me doing the stuff that I've decided not to do.
I didn't want those perfect lines that I've decided I don't like, so I printed all the text and pasted it all onto the board so that I get all those small artifacts and imperfections that you can't get otherwise. For example-
The "F" is a good example of what I'm talking about. I think a lot of people that have worked in graphic design for a while decades are enamored glamoured with the ability to make absolutely perfect type, mainly because that was the goal when they were doing this all by hand, without computers. The same goes for vector art. Before Illlustrator made that style far too easy and possible for any pea brain, the concept, definition, and word(s) term 'vector art' didn't exist and the style was a technical skill that you had to study and be taught. (What I'm talking about.)

This is Old School, with a capital "o". That copy and paste method was used since the beginning of comics and was a staple until about the mid-90's Image computer craze. I think that that was essentially the same thing as the designers with type, it became easy and no one's questioned it since.

A thought about where all this stuff comes from- Comic books and news paper comics are brethren. They're directly related and I love them both equally. Old stuff like this comes from both. I don't discriminate where I learn from.

Keep what you like, drop what you don't.