I like It's very convenient that I know exactly what I like to use. Whenever my wife puts in an art store order, I know pretty much exactly what I'm going to tack on. Not to say I don't like to experiment with different things, but I really like using these same things (when I do real drawing); the more I use exactly these things, the better I'm getting with them.

I like always having a surplus box or stack of things. It's more than beneficial to have the option, if something's giving you problems, to just toss it and grab a new one from the box in the corner.

And for whatever reason, I feel the need to point out, that those aren't inking pens, those are bordering pens. I like a thicker line for the borders, and when I put in the last order for stuff, I didn't remember to order any. I go through those much slower.

Well, I guess they're not really extra, but just waiting to be used.

These are the things that arrived the other day, before I put them in the closet. (It's less of a hassle to take photos now, so I'm taking them more often.)