Update, Faux Cover, and Rule of Two

I'm behind. on schedule.

I'm getting better at this, but I'm still not quite as fast as I should be yet. I think part of the problem is sometimes I feel I can't justify shirking responsibilities to work on this; I know that if push comes to shove, and something needs to be done, I can take off a few days to do it. Those add up pretty quickly.

Lately (the last few months), I've gotten pretty good about saying no to things and people when they ask for things that are in conflict.

This is important, and this has to come first is the mantra I've had to pretty much recite every few days to someone or myself. But it's worked. These last few months I feel like I've gotten the most work done. I've tried a few different things and I think the most important thing I've found is staggering the work and setting weekly goals.

I'm mostly behind because I wasn't very accurate when estimating the time it would take me. I've gotten pretty good at gauging how much work I can actually do now, and it's not too bad, all things considered. I can pretty comfortably pencil 4 pages a week (maybe 4 and a half, but definitely 4), but only if I'm penciling. Factor in the rest of the process and that goes down to two a week. (I don't remember for sure, but I think my earlier guess for having it done was based on five a week, and that's not possible unless I don't mind it looking like crap) And this was sort of where I'd get into problems; I wasn't staggering it. I was trying to do it in bursts and I'd get bogged down.

My new goal isn't so much a deadline, but a weekly goal. Every week I have to pencil two, ink two, and tone two. They don't have to be the same two pages, but it has to be two, two, and two.

I get behind all the time, but I've been pretty good about working later in the day or night if I have to, so I've been pretty good about catching up too. If I get behind one week, I make up the following week.

So I'm resetting the timer. The original schedule was never going to work (but I am faster and better now). There's not one day, there are many. I'm either caught up or catching up.

Almost as an afterthought, something else that's sort of working against me (at least for now, might hopefully pay off in the end though), is I'm trying to be better at this; I'm trying to make every page better than the last. Dynamicism is a term I've appropriated; nothing's static or boring looking unless it's intended or needed for the story. I know it's an outdated internet joke now, but I don't care, I dearly love the source material. The ultimate goal in the end, is for the drawing ability to inarguably register over 9000. (All things considered, from where I started, I feel like I'm close to this point, but, admittedly, it's hard to objectively gauge yourself- I may be at this point)

If every page is a little better than the last, by the end of this, it might.