I took these pictures yesterday. The first is coloring notes I made to remember later. I'm surprised how much you forget along the way and in between all these steps. I've learned that notes are very important, especially now that I've gotten pretty good at gauging how likely I'm going to remember something later.
This one is of things that go off the image, passed the cut-off.

I'd like to reiterate restate, this blog isn't supposed to be interesting to anyone but myself. I like looking back on this stuff; it's interesting. More often than not, after long enough, the reaction is something like, "Ugh, I can't believe I thought that was a good idea." or "Jeez, that looks like crap. I can't believe I did it that way."

Also, those are drawings that I drew just for sort of an experiment (with an eventual purpose though). I got the itch/idea to draw something small, and I wanted to see how I can do with a little bit of room.

They're going to be 2" x 3" when they're printed (there are four of them), but because I'm keeping all of my drawing consistent (er... consistently keeping all the steps of how I draw things?), they're being drawn a little bigger, then resized to that when I scan them. I draw normally on large paper (that's what I'm trying to get really good at) and resize it to page size, so, I try to draw everything the same way. To get better at specifically that.

And I didn't really learn anything I didn't know (hindsight being 20/20 and all). That's only a little smaller than the size of an average (comic book) panel. I'm considering going down to about the size of a stamp after these.

How much would a print that size be? 46 cents? It would be worth it though, just to use a dollhouse picture frame on it.

Drawing Table Tuesday

Photo taken yesterday, this page is almost finished being drawn.

Digital Notes

I was looking through files, trying to see if I'd made notes about something, and found this. I think I was making sure that all of the figures and sizing would work in sequence with each other. It's 3 or 4 panels, I don't remember.

It's a ways off yet (a few chapters), but I'm not sure how I'm going to do this I haven't decided how I'm doing this yet. It's 3 (or 4) panels that are essentially the same except the figure. I don't want to just copy and paste the background (I think that's a cheat), but it would be a time saver, so, I might. I guess I should.


I make notes as I draw. They're not always drawing related, sometimes I write something down because it's convenient. Whatever I think (at the time) I'm going to need to remember later. At the time, they always seem important, but they usually end up being non sequiturs of some sort. I have no idea why this Sock! note is there. My guess is that I'd written that to remember something about a sock, did whatever it was, then forgot to erase it afterwards. I don't remember, so I really have no idea though.

These notes are usually erased from the boards before their final scan, but a few have made it through, I think. Sometimes they're like a weird backwards history, like what I was doing or thinking about at the time. 

Or like a stash of nuts a squirrel buried and never found again.


Here's a (blurry) hand.

Drawing Table Tuesday(-ish)

I ran some errands yesterday, wasn't here for a lot of it, and forgot I was trying to do this thing on Tuesday.


Finished a stack of tones.

The drawings get better after this page. I don't know why.

I guess that's a little encouraging though.