Printing Artifacts

I've gotten pretty decent at... I'm not sure what to call this, making things look like they were printed cheaply, a long time ago? It's not really 'printing artifacts' (I made up that word for things like smudges, bleeds, and fades), it's more like all of them combined. The above image is from the back of a postcard I made- the lines where the address goes. I'm not sure how well it'll print, but with any luck, it'll look like there was no way someone photoshopped it into existence. But, honestly, I doubt the printer's capabilities.
I thought this 27 turned out pretty good. There's that hollow look that the ink gets. I've found that unevenness is key to all these manufacturing errors. It's hard to get true, non-mechanical unevenness. I thought those turned out better than I could've hoped for at the time.

The 27 is from a... Well, a buddy (thanks Randall) gave me a pile of 80's comics, for scholarly analysis, and one thing I hadn't anticipated on me absorbing was the crazy ads. I guess it's been a while since I actually flipped through comics that were older than I am, so I was shocked at all of the ads and how they were for absolutely everything. And I mean everything.

The 27 is from a fake Preview of a card as an Ad for a tarot card set, and that's the page it was before it was imaginarily torn out of the comic.