And so forth

Prints are weird. Art printsPrints of art pieces. Reproduction art. That's what they should be called, officially. It's one of those weird things where everyone has to decide for themselves what that means and what standards to meet. (Seems like everyone forgets ignores Giclée is a very, very modern, made up word, and because of that, the definition isn't very... defined.)

My wife and I are trying to decide on the best way to go about prints. Eventually, we're probably going to buy a photo printer, but for now, I've been ordering digital photoprints from overseas (local photo printers just don't match the quality or the price.)

I haven't ordered prints this large before, and they came in a tube. My guess is as soon as they were printed, they were immediately rolled and stuffed into the tube, then they dried. I almost couldn't unroll them without the force ripping them where they were being held.

That picture of them is after they were under a few stacks of books for a couple days. I have them in a larger tube rolled in the opposite direction.

With luck, that'll fix 'em.