Drawing Table Tuesday

Still working on a couple side projects. I was hoping one would've been finished a few days ago, but it's not yet. This one (in the picture) will be finished quickly though. I thought that branch turned out pretty good (for the 4 seconds it took)- it was a... throwback to old comics. It's a bleed that goes well off the page. When it's finished, it'll end just under the moon. I think it'll turn out pretty well after it's colored.

Also, weird note- I've been using a really high quality white gauche to make corrections and white things out, because everything else I've tried usually instantly blends with the black to make grey. I guess it's been sitting too long or something, because none of the spots on the page are drying. I squirted the top end of the tube out and that seems to have fixed it, but now there are a bunch of wet, undryable spots on the page.