Drawing Table Tuesday

How do I explain this?... When I was drawing this, I thought that those feet looked weird was afraid that those feet were going to look weird (only the tops are showing, the bottom halves are obscured by that rail), so I drew the rest of them to be sure they were okay. I drew that much of them and I thought they were okay, but I was going to have to erase them again (because a rail went there). So, I thought I'd document the fact that I drew all of them, and that they were, in fact, drawn correctly.

Drawing Table Tuesday

I've tried to do subtle (or, comparatively, not too subtle at all) tone effects before, but I always tried to go too tiny detail-ey and the effect was always lost. With this one, I specifically tried exaggerated and clumsy, and you can finally tell something's supposed to be happening there.


Drawing Table Tuesday

I was scanning this page in, checking to make sure nothing looks awful flipped (an old trick I've talked about before), accidentally pasted a layer in the wrong direction, and did this (and almost gave myself an immediate headache). I'm usually pretty awful at symmetrical, straight-on shots of faces and stuff, but I thought I did great on this one all but knocked it out of the park on that one.

Poster V.II

I decided this page needed a little more work to be darkened a little; the panel blended a little too much with the rest of the page. Also, I tried to separate the poster from the real world with the scratchy, double lines and adding that basketball halftone.


Wall poster.