Drawing Table Tuesday

I can't even tell if this stuff's good anymore. (I'm not even sure good's the goal anymore, maybe idiosyncratic is a more manageable ambition.)

A veto of sorts

When I started this, one of the rules I made up was that I wasn't going to copy/paste panels. I've had decided to retract that. Ideally, I wouldn't copy/paste anything, but I sort of had to come to terms and accept that sometimes it's just a practical, time management necessity.

I'm still gonna try to keep copying to a minimum though. Notice I didn't copy the entire panel and just paste different faces.

Drawing Table Tuesday

I drew this panel, but didn't like it. It's way too static and undynamic (I.e., blah). I took a picture, erased it all, and redrew it. Definitely turned out better the second time.
This is a pretty good example of why I try not to draw when I'm sleepy or unfocused (or at least, why I don't like to). If I just try to power through a page, chances are it'll turn out crappy and I'll just have to redraw it later (sort of a double waste of time). Sometimes you need some sleep, sometimes you just need a fifteen minute break, a deep breath, and a big eraser.

This is also a good example of why I use the paper I do. It's expensive, but it'll take a serious, merciless beating with an eraser without falling apart, so much so that I've never had trouble inking over a spot that's had some pretty massive erasure.


The dialogue in the book was tricky. I think the "writing" (/sarcasm) sort of reflects the drawing. I think it was pretty deliberate, but basically I tried to keep the dialogue pretty sparse and only include what was absolutely necessary to know what was going on and what was happening.

I tried not to meander much, but the book does get more word heavy the further it goes.

I've noticed a few interesting things now that I'm sitting here staring at the real pages now. When it's finished, I might write about them (note to self: that means I need to take notes along the way).

Sort of, I don't know... ghost in the machine stuff. Unintended connections, coincidences and stuff. Allegories maybe.

Drawing Table Tuesday

I took this picture a few days ago, I guess to sort of acknowledge what appears to be obsessive lunacy.

For a very long time now, I've been masking off finished areas as I draw them so I don't smudge the pencil lines. I used to use tracing paper, but then I realized transparencies would be perfect (because you can see what's underneath and they're indestructible), so I cut up a few sheets into different shapes and sizes, and now I use those.

I always draw from top to bottom, left to right so I don't smudge them with my right hand, but when I'm drawing, I spin the page around a lot and hold the page down with my left (I've considered buying or making an animator's disc, but that wouldn't help with this specific problem). So much pencil was lifted and rubbed off by my left hand that sometimes lines and marks were completely gone. But no longer.

I also use transparencies in my toning process to protect the page from sharpie bleed-through. I actually have a drawer dedicated to only transparencies and masking tape.

I almost always use them on everything. Here's a picture of transparencies I never got around to posting-


I've noticed a real problem with blogger, and it's that when you upload an image that has a lot of white space, when it optimizes the image to whatever blogger has set those specifics to, it almost always turns the white space way darker. And this is a pretty good example of that.

Also, a while ago, I finally got around to integrating tumblr, something I've been planning but putting off for over a year now. I'd been using Flickr as an image hosting service, but they changed their setup and access to your images (a service I was paying for, mind you) to a super convoluted, counter-intuitive, long winded process that made it incredibly time consuming if you're working with more than just a few images. (I later became aware that I was part of a fairly large exodus that they caused when they changed their site.)

The only drawback is that once I cancel the account, all the images retroactively disappear on this site. Ah well...

Mostly, it (changing over to tumblr) was to change over to something that wasn't a pain to add new images to. A tumblr gallery is definitely easier, because I wanted something that I could just setup, seal off forever, and forget. Except when I want to add stuff, I guess.

Here are my elaborate notes before I started-
I guess it sort of lead to a minor site re-design. Not much of one, though, just what had to be done to add to some coherency.

I noticed that we've kind of taken a few steps backwards when it comes to webdesign. Thanks to most idiots people only having web access on their phones (and not even having a real computer), everyone web professionals insist you need to first design your site for mobile screens, then work from that to the normal, real computer version.

Pffft. To heck with that. I'm considering having a mobile version of my site that just says, "Get a real computer.", and that's it. Maybe a crudely drawn butt or something, too. Whenever you see a site that has a mobile design, it always looks like a geocities site from the 1990's. Also, it's my experience that the mobile version of sites are pretty useless and you always wish they just didn't have a mobile version because the normal version is far more navigable.