Drawing Table Tuesday

I took this picture a few days ago, I guess to sort of acknowledge what appears to be obsessive lunacy.

For a very long time now, I've been masking off finished areas as I draw them so I don't smudge the pencil lines. I used to use tracing paper, but then I realized transparencies would be perfect (because you can see what's underneath and they're indestructible), so I cut up a few sheets into different shapes and sizes, and now I use those.

I always draw from top to bottom, left to right so I don't smudge them with my right hand, but when I'm drawing, I spin the page around a lot and hold the page down with my left (I've considered buying or making an animator's disc, but that wouldn't help with this specific problem). So much pencil was lifted and rubbed off by my left hand that sometimes lines and marks were completely gone. But no longer.

I also use transparencies in my toning process to protect the page from sharpie bleed-through. I actually have a drawer dedicated to only transparencies and masking tape.

I almost always use them on everything. Here's a picture of transparencies I never got around to posting-