Drawing Table Tuesday

This panel reminds me that I intend to go into a rant post about the rules people demand balloons follow. And how they tend to forget what "rules" the balloons in their favorite legendary comics completely ignored.

Akira and Dragonball are pretty good balloon examples. Half the time in Akira, none of the balloons even had tails, they were spoken off panel and were just a round balloon floating in the center. And Toriyama barely had tails at all, just the tiniest point in the direction of the mouth of whoever's speaking. I guess what I'm saying is I think it's funny that people seem to feel obligated to treat their audience like idiots.

This panel reminded me, because my first thought, according to everyone else, was that that tail isn't indicative enough to be able to tell who's saying what. I disagree. I mean, it's a panel with two people. Do they think that people are going to think the tree's talking?