Pre-print Comic Book Webcomic

I'm going to start releasing this as a webcomic. A lot of things lead to this, and it seems like they all weighed equally into the final decision. I took a while to find a management service; I wanted something simple (uncomplicated, but mildly customizable), that I could set and forget, with simple functions on both ends (me uploading it, anyone else looking at it).

I'm sitting on a pretty large stack of finished pages that aren't going to see print for a while. (less and less I liked the idea of being on page , say, 150 without anyone really seeing the first page. I guess I sort of want to be able to prove I'm doing something.)

Nothing else has changed, the plan is still to print it as a single volume when it's finished.

I'll just be uploading a new page every Thursday. 

I feel like I got all of my bad drawing out, so after the first few dozen pages, the drawing gets pretty decent.