I hate vector art.

Well... really dislike it.
I feel compelled to say it point that out.

I was testing tracing settings, and this was what I used as a base.

So close, and yet, so far.

It reminds me of every freshman project anyone ever did. It's really easy to be impressed that you can make perfect, crisp shapes in a fraction of a second, but eventually you need to move on and grow.

For illustrations, it just looks horribly unprofessional. There's no reason to use vector art unless you're making billboards or printing something the size of a car.

And even then, it's not for aesthetics, it's entirely for practicality- file size.

I think people forget sometimes don't understand that there's a continental sized gap between what something looks like onscreen and in actual print- especially the higher res you go. It's completely unnecessary to illustrate something small, say, a book, in vector.

Now, saying all this, I've seen some amazing vector art. The main difference between good vector and bad vector is that with good vector art, you'd never know it's vector. The bad looks like the one above: clearly vector.

Vector is should be a tool, not a style. Done well, at least.

Note: I'd also like to point out that those two images would essentially print the same... assuming they were printed at their native resolution: about an inch and a half. (notice you don't see a difference between them until they're enlarged) The problem comes when people don't really understand resolution vs vector. I.e., enlarging it; the larger it is, the more clearly vector it would be because the shapes that make up the vector would be enlarged as well.

Drawing Table Tuesday

This is from a current project. I'm gonna try to bust through as much of it as I can this week. Seventeen panels on this page. That's about the average panel count per page on this project.

I don't even know how that's going to work, but I'm gonna try. Also, way more text than I'm used to.

All this fits in my line of thinking up to now with drawing, anyway.

Also worth mentioning, I almost never use that paper. I bought a giant stack of it because I found some on clearance, but haven't really used it yet. I'll probably only use it for short projects like this.

Drawing Table Tuesday

I've dubbed these scanner tremors.

My scanner intermittently does this. They're never in the same places, which leads me to think that it's a physical problem, probably the mechanics of the scanning bar and the little mechanism that pulls the bar. I don't know if the little motor's crapping out or if it's just a crappy scanner and it's just smoother sometimes than others. Opening it and spraying a little wd-40 may fix it, but it also may not.

I'll address the problem if it gets worse. Right now I'm fine with just having to re-scan something once every twenty scans or so.

Drawing Table Tuesday

Meh, don't have much to show at the moment today.

Surprising Elegance

I don't remember what they're called, but I needed one of those typing arm things so I made this. One piece tape, one kebab skewer, and one small binder clip. I was impressed with how well it worked, but I was really impressed with how it wasn't as much of an eye-sore as a real one.

I think I'm gonna keep it.

Drawing Table Tuesday

Small drawing on a small card. The card's about 2.5" x 3.5", but that gets much smaller when you have to account holding it down with giant sausage fingers. That is definitely the new system for drawing those; comic book backing board.

I'm going to start doing these more frequently. Something that small is easy and quick, and with a backing board, it's even easy to completely finish (tone).

And finished, they make a nice little doodle.