Drawing Table Tuesday

The size of that text should indicate how small this is. This page (and the rest that go with it) are packed with panels. Lots of stuff stuffed onto them (the last one has seventeen panels!).

Note the Texas belt buckle. Not sure if it shows up more clearly later or not, that might be the only time it's somewhat decipherable.

Drawing Table Tuesday

We had to leave for dinner the other night, I was almost finished with this page but I needed to go. I quickly wrote a note in the margins to remember where I was when I quit, because at that point, I could've totally forgot it wasn't finished yet.

After scribbling it, I realized that specific note works on, like, three levels.

Also, I've been meaning to update my gallery. Well, reorganize it. I think all the sections need to be a little more specific, with more labels and divisions.

One Page Story

I think I should be able to post this now. Whatever anthology this was in was supposed to have been released a while ago, so I should be safe. On these one page projects, I use the studio because it's easier to search for than my name.

Also, it helps to imagine a percussion sting at the end.

What made today any different?

Some sort of glitchy hiccup, I'm sure.

Drawing Table Tuesday

That guy's totally into it.

And unintentionally looks like the Joker. Like most of my images like this, that section's about the size of a post-it in real life.