Drawing Table Tuesday

This was a bit of a weird panel. That text needed to fit into that panel.

I think it's successful, despite knowing that everyone who thinks themself a letterer would fervently disagree. The defiant, confrontational gesture gets through, and that's the important thing--the details are meaningless.


I'm so behind on everything. Everything.

The scan just happens to unintentionally fit.

Drawing Table Tuesday

I thought that was a nice effect--interrupting himself to blow smoke. I've been getting behind on posting things regularly. I'll try better.

I really tried to emphasize gestures when I could in this project. Almost any panel on this particular page is pretty good, I think.

Also, I just noticed, I've long since stopped taking the blueline out of stuff like this. Not on purpose, I guess I've just gotten really good at not seeing it. I didn't notice that until I was typing this.