I did this cover a while ago. I'm so behind on everything, I can't believe I'm just getting to this.

Everyone in charge was flexible, so I pretty much did whatever I wanted. Its double sided; the back cover is the other side's view of the front. There wasn't much behind it, other than I don't remember seeing a two sided cover like that and wanted to. (I'm sure it's not the first, I'm just saying I haven't seen one)

I'm pretty happy with it, not because I think it's great, but that it looks as good as it does given the tiny bit of time I had to do it in. There wasn't much planning. This is all of the planning and prep work that took place before it was drawn- 

Despite the stamp, this was not drawn on July 26.

It's been long enough now that I can look with fresh eyes. I'm pretty happy with how the hands turned out. And from looking at the sketches, it's because I got them right in the sketches; the hands near the 'DRAWN BY' were the ones I ended up using.

I think I thought the fabric on the back cover turned out pretty good, so I saved this view of it-

And here's a closeup of the hand I think turned out well-

I like the small things that are subtly implied- like how the pinkie is straight, the ring finger knuckle is over/in front of the pinkie, bends, then goes behind the pinkie. I don't know if it looks like that to anyone else, but that's the thing that sticks out to me. I think that's the best thing about it.