About Justin

Justin Cornell is a freelance illustrator and designer.

What's with the ?
Yeah, yeah, I know it's weird.
Sometimes it's a signature, sometimes a badge, and sometimes something like a coat of arms. I could tell you where it came from and how I got it, but it doesn't really matter, it wouldn't explain what it means.

The important thing is that it's my mark and it means me
Sort of like, if I had tights and a costume, it would be on my chest.

The closest I can come to describing it further is borrowing a description from Wikipedia describing something else-
          "Creating [the mark] simultaneously strengthened and weakened [Justin]'s power. On the one hand, as long as [Justin] had [the mark], [...] he was significantly more powerful after its creation than before; and putting such a great portion of his own power into [the mark] ensured [Justin]'s continued existence so long as [the mark] existed. On the other hand, by binding his power within [the mark], [Justin] became dependent on it — without it his power was significantly diminished."

True story.